Hanham Hall … eco-village

At the weekend I visited the Hanham Hall exhibition, set up to inform local residents of the development. A nice chat with the project lead gave a nice feeling that this is an exciting project, yet I still have a feeling that this is not quite the direction to go…

Focus seems to be on the Code Level 6 – zero carbon homes, rather than on the wider sustainable communities. Where will people shop, where will they send their children to school and how will they get to work, were questions raised by friends.

Although it was accepted this particular design may not be the one we use in 2016 to acheive level 6, and there will be a degree of learning on the project for future projects, the designs are based on the Chorley homes technology – so I hope the comments made by CarbonLimited are taken into account.

I was surprised to hear that carbon footprints are not an issue, with no focus on reducing carbons in the construction or production of the development. So does this mean business as usual for the house builder – other than integrating a different kit of eco -materials and technologies? If so – is this a greenwash sin?

My biggest moan to the Hanham Hall team though – and a pet hate of the internet is … advertised websites that are not complete, under construction or out of date. If you advertise a website as the communication vehicle please provide information – not Coming soon! Please come and visit this page again soon for key pieces of information.

3 thoughts on “Hanham Hall … eco-village

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  3. Mark Ellery

    i think hanham hall is a step in the direction by a major house builder – full credit to barratt homes….!

    i too am designing and researching low carbon homes (build of hempcrete), to see my current work check out my boidus website



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