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My google alert for eco-towns has being spewing forth over the last couple of days, collectively painting a picture of the current reactions to eco-towns across the country. First up is Wayne’s piece from Building:

Wayne Hemingway on eco-towns: Ready to rumble
The shortlist for England’s 10 eco-towns is out but now the real contest begins. With the winners due to be announced by the end of the year we brought eco-town supporter Wayne Hemingway and eco-town protester Myles Pollock together to

FORD ECO-TOWN: Campaigners say no to government ‘eco-madness’
Bognor Today – Chichester,England,UK
“Yet they want to start building eco-towns by 2010/11, which is going to mean five or six years of substantial construction traffic and the first households

Blow for eco town plans
Norwich Evening News – Norwich,England,UK
Prime Minister Gordon Brown has signalled how he wants 10 new eco towns built around the country and a proposal for the Coltishall site is the only one in

Outcry over Selby eco-towns shortlist
Yorkshire Post – Leeds,England,UK
Last month the Government announced the sites around the UK where eco-towns are likely to be built. They left the last slot on the shortlist open,

Ready to rumble
By Emily Wright The shortlist for England’s 10 eco-towns is out but now the real contest begins. With the winners due to be announced by the end of the year

Policies set for conflict
PlanningResource (subscription) – London,England,UK
Ministerial proposals for handling eco-towns will only add to the massive difficulties councils already face in operating the plan-led system,

The Eco-town debate – Birmingham,UK
CHRONIC housing shortages coupled with government targets to become ‘greener’ have given rise to the idea of eco-towns. These new settlements will be the

Eco-town shortlist all local
Selby Times – UK
We don’t need these so-called eco-towns, which are anything but eco-friendly. “Housing shouldn’t be built just to meet the Prime Minister’s targets.

FORD ECO-TOWN: Eight to lead in-depth inquiry into Ford project
Shoreham Today – Worthing,England,UK
This is in contrast to the government’s private decision-making which led to Ford being chosen as one of 15 possible locations for the ten eco-towns it

Leicester Mercury – Leicester,England,UK
The Pennbury plans have been put on a Government shortlist of 15 possible eco-towns, which will be cut down to a final 10 in October.

Prince’s eco-town gets green light

Environmental Data Interactive – UK
“The design vision for Sherford begins to address the house building challenge that Government has laid out when it speaks of eco-towns.

FORD ECO-TOWN: Councillors abstain in eco-town vote
Shoreham Today – Worthing,England,UK
The recommendation had to be amended twice because the original phrase, which attacked the principle of eco-towns in the district, worried members who were

government overcrowding England – United Kingdom
And, paradoxically, the dumping of whole new towns in the middle of the English countryside is all right as long as they are labelled “eco-towns“.

Revolt against plans for 200000 eco-homes – United Kingdom
Last month ministers unveiled a shortlist of 15 sites across England that will eventually be whittled down to 10 eco-towns. The towns will have green

Eco-towns: Living a greener future
By lilyheart
2008 looks at the potential of so-called “eco-towns”. Eco-towns are intended to be “a combined response to three challenges: climate change, the need for more sustainable living and the need to increase housing supply.

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