on greening existing buildings

Within a month of the release date for the UK Construction Sustainability Strategy ( due 11 June) we see another initiative announcement from government:

a parliamentary enquiry into the greening of existing offices, shops and warehouses, aimed at providing industry leaders and public figures the opportunity to contribute evidence that will go into the final report of the All Party Urban Development Group, which will cover what ministers, city leaders and property owners and occupiers need to do to reduce the environmental impact of commercial property.

Key issues are likely to be the lack of clear guidance over standards and the lack of information on costs and benefits of the various available schemes. It is expected that business leaders will call for clearer definitions and evidence on the financial impact of green agendas.

Attention to existing building stock – domestic and non domestic is urgently required so this enquiry is more than welcome, I just hope when the CSS arrives it joins together all the jigsaw initiative pieces.

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