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Noticed the following of interest items on the Sustainable Development research network …

EAC Publication – ‘Personal Carbon Trading’
The Environmental Audit Committee has recently published a report which considers the concept of allocating individuals an allowance of marketable carbon credits, and urges the Government to lead and co-ordinate further research into personal carbon trading. This is based on the recognition that reductions in carbon emissions from business and industry will be meaningless unless accompanied by significant and equal reductions from households and individuals. Whilst acknowledging the implementation costs and the issue of dealing with vulnerable groups and a sceptical public, the Committee finds that personal carbon trading has the potential to be more engaging, more effective and more progressive than green taxation, provided it is carefully developed and sensitively implemented. The report stresses that any personal carbon trading scheme would need to be accompanied by a range of policies, educating and assisting individuals in making the necessary changes to their lifestyle. More…

Conference – ‘Sustainable Non-Dwellings: Regulations and Ratings’
10th July 2008: Jurys Gt Russell St Hotel, London
This one-day conference will bring together key representatives from government and industry for a day of discussion and solution-finding in response to the introduction of Energy Performance Certificates, the toughening-up of the BREEAM ratings system and the government announcement that all non-dwellings must be zero-carbon by 2019. Sessions will consider how current regulations fit together, how local authorities are using green building regulations as criteria for planning, the implications of the BREEAM update 2008, lessons to be learned and transferred from the Code for Sustainable Homes, and the likely real additional costs of implementing green building regulations. More…

LGA/EA/UKCIP Guide – ‘Be aware, be prepared, take action’
The Local Government Association have collaborated with the Environment Agency and the UK Climate Impacts Programme to produce a short guide to encourage local authorities to asses the risks posed by climate change and to ensure that adaptation strategies are planned into local government working. The report outlines the role of local authorities, the government drivers for adaptation, positive action to mainstream adaptation, five key stages to preparing an adaptation action plan, and sources of further information, together with a series of case studies of the impacts of climate change and the need for adaptation measures at the local level. More…

HT/DfT Conference – ‘Living Communities’
17th June 2008: Overseas House, London
The Institution of Highways and Transportation’s (IHT) Urban Design Panel and the Department for Transport (DfT) will be hosting this one-day conference to bring together representatives from senior government, industry and academia to discuss the work being undertaken on the urban street agenda. The day will offer attendees an insight into the outcomes of two key DfT projects – Mixed Priority Routes and Streetscape – and explore a number of topics, including: Strategic Objectives, Streetscape Local Transport Notes, Street Design and Place Making, and a number of case studies from the Mixed Priority Routes project. Contact  website

Conference – BWEA30
21st – 22nd October 2008: ExCel, London
BWEA’s 30th Anniversary Conference and Exhibition will bring together over 100 speakers, from Government ministers to industry leaders, to highlight the urgent need to invest in wind, wave and tidal power and the opportunities this will bring to the UK, and to address the remaining barriers facing the continued growth of the industry. Visit the website to sign up or for more information

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