2008 KPI’s

Constructing Excellence issue 2008 KPI data

The latest UK Construction Industry KPI data is now available interactive and on-line at KPIzone (http://www.kpizone.com). Supported by the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), KPIzone contains over 700 graphs and charts, together with industry standard KPI definitions and methods of measurement.

In the age of open source, and the fact that these KPI’s are a key measure behind the UK Sustainable Construction Strategy is it correct to charge for access to this data and KPI material? Surely if Constructing Excellence and the Government are serious about change in the sector then these should be open to all to encourage greater use. Of course the CE business model would be then around benchmarking and sharing, ie a support service rather than selling a product.

4 thoughts on “2008 KPI’s

  1. Paul Wilkinson

    I attended a Constructing Excellence members’ meeting yesterday (which mainly discussed the recent organisation restructuring).

    There was some debate about the KPIs/benchmarking area and the demonstration projects as, while regarded as important, they weren’t regarded as the most important of CE’s core business activities (ranking behind networking and leadership/influence, for example).

    As CE’s government support has all but dried up, it was argued that CE had to have services and products that were of value to its paying members but which non-members would have to pay for (“if things are given away free to anyone, there would be no incentive to join”). Clearly, there is a careful judgement to be made here about the sustainability (ie viability) of CE!


  2. fairsnape Post author

    Thanks Paul, interesting. I find a reluctance amongst smaller organisations to pay for the KPI models, and hence dont really engage with this aspect of improvement, unless a customer insists, and then it s added to the cost of that contract.

    I feel it would be much better to make the KPI charts freely available, widely increase their real usuage and to focus the CE support (and hence income) on the benchmarking, learning , training etc etc.

    There is also the issue that as CE, and hence the KPI’s has been up to now partly funded by government, (taxpayers) the data or model should be open source. Along the lines of the Free our Data campaign in the Guardian.



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