bike week this week

This week is bike week here in the UK, hence a series of bike related posts throughout the week on cycling its relevance to the built environment and to the climate change agenda.


buildings with real cycling facilities?

facilities managers prevent cycles from the building or being locked outside?

construction sites that make it easy to cycle into work?

cities with free cycle facilities?

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2 thoughts on “bike week this week

  1. Paul Wilkinson

    I was thinking last week that company websites should indicate on their location maps, etc where it is safe to park bikes, what facilities (secure parking, shower/changing facilities) they have, etc (look at our own BIW website for example – ). Perhaps there should be an industry-standard symbol (perhaps with star-ratings) that denotes how cycling-friendly an office is?

    (A colleague and I visited the “Building” magazine offices last week – had to contact Phil to find out where a bike could be safely parked at Ludgate House.)

    One incidential advantage of being based in Woking is that cycles can be carried free, without advance bookings, etc, on most non-peak SouthWest Trains – it makes taking your bike to work or to meetings much easier. And many SWT stations have bike storage facilities, some under-cover, CCTV monitored, inside the ticket barriers, etc.


  2. fairsnape Post author

    Just looked at BIW site, excellent Paul:

    The BIW office in Woking has a shower, changing and secure indoor parking facilities for visitors arriving by bicycle.

    As you say more sites should carry this type of information



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