is IT and FM disconnect a barrier to going green?

Noticed this on a feed from Financetechnews

Industry experts believe IT groups have been slow to go green because of the disconnect between IT and facilities management – FM manages energy cost and availability, while IT’s focused on computing needs.

Is this an FM issue, an IT one or a missed collaborative opportunity?  Increasingly it is the facilities management measured on energy performance and efficiency, but IT who have a big input to energy usage.

A few points are raised here, in addition to the energy costs

Cost of providing energy systems and designs to deal with non green IT

The building centric Facilities Managements approaches,  rather than a organisational-centric one.

With the future of green IT being in cloud and saas developments – (see ExtranetEvolution) how will the fm sector deal with this, indeed how will this affect the design (building and M&E) of todays and tomorrows buildings

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