a welcome for tougher eco towns

The Guardian reports today that Caroline Flint has toughend up the eco town requirements:

the whole development should be “zero-carbon”, including business sites, and the average home should be within a 10-minute walk of frequent public transport and neighbourhood services.

environmental threshold for individual homes to meet level 4 of the Code of Sustainable Homes, while those built from 2016 will have to adhere to the same zero-carbon standards as all other new homes. (level 6)

at least one worker per household in the government’s new ecotowns should be able to get to their job by walking, cycling or using public transport,

a minimum of 40% of land within the town should be undeveloped green space, with at least half of that open to the public

successful bids will have to submit planning applications to local authorities, and confirmed previously announced requirements for 30% affordable housing.

Is this welcomed toughening a moving of the goal posts during the bidding period, but one that shows the government is listening to and learning from the voices from environmentalists, bloggers and nimby anti eco-towners?

Particularly welcomed is the whole development carbon zero approach – not just the homes.

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