do you know a sustainable star?

Is your project, are you, or do you know a sustainable star in Pennine Lancashire?

We are running a competition to discover the green heroes of the region and we are aiming to support every aspect of sustainability; from eco houses to schools, community project to construction.

If you know of, or are involved in a sustainable project in the Pennine Lancashire region then we want to hear from you. There are 13 categories to choose from across a broad range of themes, and entry is completely free. It doesn’t matter if your project is up and running or if it is still in the conception and development stages – we are interested in promoting the sustainable practices and awareness of sustainability across Pennine Lancashire towns, whatever level of completion.

Check out the sustainable stars website and nominate or enter.

The 13 categories range from major projects to community gardens:

Sustainable design / planning

a project that has used sustainable design methodology and planning in its inception, which demonstrates good design practice and has used the principles of the Elevate Design Handbook. This can include projects at design and concept stage, as well as completed projects. It also includes design related policy and guidance documents and best practice.

Community project

a project that has involved the local community in sustainability; through employment, environmental objectives, planning, etc.

Use of a natural material

a project that has included natural products like straw bale, lime render, cob, rammed earth, sheep wool, hemp and recycled paper insulation, etc.

Use of renewable / sustainable technology

a project that has used renewable technology or a sustainable form of energy in its development. This category can also include research and development.

Renovation project

a project that has used sustainable design in the renovation of a building, and / or it will be used to promote an environmental / sustainability programme.


a project that has used specific heritage skills or approaches to building conservation in its renovation, conversion or construction. This category also includes projects and proposals that celebrate the social heritage of places.

New Build

commercial or private dwellings built using sustainable methods of construction, adhering to the Code for Sustainable Homes criteria, BREEAM, Elevate KPI’s or equivalent. This can include any school / education new builds.


a project that has increased the biodiversity of an area, either generally or through a targeted species.

Waste recycling / resource efficiency

a business or project that promotes sustainable waste management and resource efficiency. This can include on-site waste management and stand alone recycling operations.

Sustainable skills

an example of sustainability used within a business; i.e. local employment quota, sustainable procurement, staff training and education, innovative techniques, etc.

New business start up

a business that has been trading no earlier than Jan 2007; that is encouraging sustainable methods of supply, production and employment; that promotes sustainability in any explicit manner.

College / school project

a project promoting sustainability in any form within a school or college environment, including construction skills, technology research and training, modelling, etc.

Private project (garden, eco renovation)

any project undertaken by a member of the public that has sustainability principles. This can include insulating a house, putting a green roof on a garden shed, creating a wildlife garden, building a eco-house, etc.

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