newlook isite

I have long thought it time for a face lift to isite, the last format was getting a bit messy, so I do hope you like the new cleaner fresher look.

In addition to a new format, I am developing some new interactive features, but for now the original links and features from the last format are still here but now found in the right hand column: that it …

A word of welcome to isite

A few words and link to fairsnape – my independent support business

Twitter – follow me on twitter

Recent Posts- the last 15 isite posts

isite topics – themes that are covered on this blog

Documents – a library of documents that I refer to in talks, presentations and workshops

Blogroll – friends of isite

Links to Linkedin, Shaping Tomorrow and other networks

Flickr construction pictures

Green jobs and vacancies

Visitor locations across the globe

and the new features in development:

geoisite, ability to put your eco buildings and projects onto google maps

ecobuild flickr – feeding your eco building pictures from flickr to isite

Please add your comments:

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