are EPC’s working

Fellow bloggers Phil at ZeroChampion and Adrian at McFilter have commented recently on the feedback from their EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) assessments and made the observation that the recommendations do nothing more than suggest low energy lighting. I hear the same from friends who have undertaken EPC’s recently and asked me what can they really do to improve the banding.

With EPC’s being seen as a key tool in shifting the energy performance within existing housing stock (and indeed on commercial and public buildings) surely this has to be better.

Also this week They Work for Us posted results of Lib Dem Shadow Housing Minister, Sarah Teather, question, “How many domestic energy performance certificates have been registered on the central database for properties in each rating band”, Iain Wright, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the DCLG, responded with a breakdown of the numbers lodged on the central database in his written reply.

Rating Number lodged
A 228
B 50,210
C 315,623
D 526,613
E 352,354
F 117,916
G 33,035

As expected D is the most common band, but the majority are D and worst. And just what are the 228 A’s doing to achieve top marks – surely this is the information that should be relayed down to the other bands.

This post also gives me the opportunity to use WordPress new Poll tool, so here goes:

3 thoughts on “are EPC’s working

  1. HIP

    Nice voting tool, where is this from if you dont mind me asking?

    I will have to disagree that EPCs are doing nothing more than suggesting LE lighting. It is true that some properties may only receive this recommendation but this is due to the property being ‘up to’ standard in regard to the bench mark the RDSAP software compares current and potential ratings.

    Many many properties as you state are in the D to E region and as such will have a number of recommendation with the EPC.

    Of course those who were aware of these improvements that could be beneficial to the energy efficiency of their property and done nothing will complain at paying to be told this.

    However, there are many who are not aware of the improvements that they could make. Unfortunately for the sake of the EPC’s reputation they are often the quiet people.

    We are starting to receive thanks months down the line from some owners who have implemented these recommendations from the EPC. The lady kindly allowed me to blog about her experience. Energy saving through the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)


  2. Dave

    Have to agree Nice voting tool

    (We are starting to receive thanks months down the line from some owners who have implemented these recommendations from the EPC)

    we to are receiving feedback from our custiomers on the savings they are making



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