Modern Ada

Yesterday I pledged to post on my blog, a  recognition for my unsung heroines as part of the Ada Lovelace international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology.  

As I have been drawn into the web of second life, web2.0 and social media I have made contact and friendships with a number of women who not only excel in their professional field but also have a seemingly unlimited supply of energy and innovation.

Through barcamps, Be2camp 2008, twitter and other social apps, friends such as Pam Broviak (Second Life), Krishna De (bizgrowth),  Jodie Miners (be2camp), Su Butcher (architecture), Cindy FrewenWuellner  (futures), Mel Starrs (sustainability), Soulla Stylianou (second life) and of course Suw Charman (social media / kits and mortar) continue to impress with their use and understanding of web technology.

It was through Second Life and  the Public Works sim I met Pam Broviak (or rather her avatar Pam Renoir) and have since shared much on family, social life and all things webby across all manner of web applications. Yet it is Pam’s drive, as her twitter profile states “working to integrate engineering, Web 2.0, & virtual worlds” that continues to amaze and inspire in equal doses.

If there was a nomination for a Modern Ada, Pam would get my vote ( as I know she has the vote of others) in making virtual worlds and web technology have real impact in what is often a cynical and unforgiving industry.

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