twittering on as @fairsnape

An explantion as to why I have taken the decision to switch to a new twitter account;

I have long suffered with @martinbrown account which has had problems in not being able to contribute to #hashtags, random hit and miss with tweets appearing in searches or RSS (or not). This has proved difficult when wanting to tweet from events etc. At some points I did wonder whether my tweets where being transmitted at all. Unfortunately requests to twitter to help didn’t bear fruit

I should mention that I am not the only one this has happened to, and grateful for Cindy FW over in Kansas (now @urbanverse ) for help and inspiration to make the change.

So after a year or so as @martinbrown as my main twitter account I have moved to @fairsnape (the name of my ‘business). This will carry the same mix of comments, information, sharing, questions, social and personal messages, within the very broad theme of built environment sustainability, improvement, futures, web2.0, virtual worlds and and and ….

@martinbrown will continue to be active, as I encourage and hope existing followers and friends will also follow me @fairsnape

It is amazing how refreshing it is to start rebuilding followers to @fairsnape and to see tweets appear in searches. I should however apologise to any followers I miss initially but bear with me as I juggle the two accounts.

(By the way I also have a fledgling twitter account for geocaching and other geo stuff @brandwoodgeo)

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