on PR for community enterprises …

In support of our local rural Community Enterprise we are in the process of developing a PR strategy.  Following discussions with PR friends so far, my experiences and messages picked up from twitter friends I arrived at the following ‘checklist’ as a starter.

Posting here as it may help others but also to seek more help in developing this strategy. We will be meeting as a publicity sub-group early next week with potential professional help so any comments, amendments or additions to the following more would extremely welcome.

  • Think vision not project – Keep pushing the vision and objectives – why are we doing this
  • Make the message come from the community, from the children NOT the committee
  • Be clear on the strong good news messages we can talk about
  • Keep message consistent
  • Politics of the moment is on our side use it – local, local local / sustainable rural communities /green / sports, health etc / better travel etc
  • Use first person talk not corporate talk – we want to start a ‘conversation’ and be more engaging
  • Use stories – or tell a story in the message – make it real
  • Include quotes, references, endorsements and testimonials from respected people (in the community, of standing, nationally known)
  • Be visible –
    • Use new viral web sources that can be picked up bt many sources – eg Facebook groups, on a blog, and promote via twitter
    • Target those who will spread our message (‘mavens’ and ‘connectors’ )
    • Use all traditional forms – noticeboards, newsletters, local press, free press, advertorials, national etc
  • Identify our audiences – what do they read, listen to, will be different for different groups
  • Be different – we need to get people to read past first sentence
  • Be professional but personal – we are asking for big money
  • Be consistent


2 thoughts on “on PR for community enterprises …

  1. Paul Wilkinson

    The list is an excellent start, Martin (sorry, coming at this a bit late so not sure if you’ve had your meeting).

    With 20 years in PR/marketing, I was struck that the list seems focused on consistency and delivery of messages – many of which appear to be written. There is a lot of PR power in actually *doing* things – perhaps demonstrating the value of the the community enterprise’s initial efforts, either at fund-raising or at starting the project.

    “A picture speaks a thousand words,” and all that, so if you can think of novel events that will capture the interest of local media (think radio, even TV, as well as local newspapers) then potential donors (either cash or materials, etc – or both) may well see some publicity value in getting on board.

    Corporate social responsibility can also be a powerful inducement for some businesses and there may be local, regional or even national firms looking to do, and be seen to be doing, something good for a worthy cause.

    Good luck


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