Better Bids in 6mins 40secs

This is my pecha kucha style summary of the bid to win (and present to win) workshops I run.

I also get delegates to summarise their thoughts and actions in a similar PK style, often on flipcharts, (20 ideas, 20 secs each per bid ‘team’) or a la Bob Dylan (20 A4’s with one or two themes, each 20secs description and thrown to ground)

This provides a fun and high energy end to an action packed. interactive and high learning 2 or 4 day event.

For more on bid to win or present to win contact me via twiiter @fairsnape or fairsnape(at)

Plus – ever thought of giving your bids or presentations an independent ‘health check’ before sending them out into the competitive world? Again contact me for health check info 🙂

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