Not one but many Ada

As part of this years pledge to blog  part of the Ada Lovelace international day, I have been thinking long and hard on who to ‘nominate’ and blog about.

Last year my Modern Ada was Pam Broviack and in many ways still is.

Through my involvement in web technology, be2camptwitter and social media I have had the opportunity and privilege to meet, be inspired by, motivated by and discuss many issues with some great Modern Ada’s.  It would be wrong to single out any one in particular.

However, a mention for  Aleks Krotoski who through work at the Guardian and recent Virtual Revolution TV series has done much to popularise and mature internet and game  ‘stuff’.  (We actually met in second life back in 2006 at the Guardians SL Festival, Aleks wouldn’t recall, but we had a discussion about music in second life with Groove Amanda playing in the background.  The meeting has stuck in mind as Aleks was one of the first ‘real world’  people I had met in SL)

But in my mind Ada was someone who rolled up sleeves and got stuck into to the machinery and code of the internet, not just used it as a communication and conversational tool.

It is again in the world of second life and other virtual worlds that I see the modern day Ada Lovelace, and for that Pam would still get a vote, for work in Second Life Public Works and lately in OpenSim, along with others such as Annabeth Robinson (twitter and avatar Angry Beth) whose energy in virtual environments continue to amaze and inspire.

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