Will #facilities management take advantage of new #foursquare business features?

I previously blogged and commented on the facilities management potential for using the location based application Foursquare. Now Foursquare has launched a do-it-yourself tool for business to claim their venue/facility.

Can or will the new features on Foursquare make it easier for businesses and facilities management to promote aspects of their facilities, buildings and venues, taking more advantage of the location based social media?  The feature now allows owners (and fm's ?) to offer venue promotions and get insight on their Foursquare use and potental reach. 

Venue pages now include the message, “Are you the manger of this business?” and a link to begin the process. Any 'business owner' can claim their Foursquare venue but its easy to see how this could be managed as part of the venues facilities management package, and a key element of Community Based FM 

Also available are decals and window stickers promoting the facility / venue and of course Foursquare.

I would be very interested to hear of facilities management organisations using Foursquare or Twitter in this way ….

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