What does the big society mean to construction and #facilities management?

Having tuned in to the Big Society in the North event on Tuesday night by twitter I was taken by the similarity of themes between the emerging big society movement and be2camp. (unconference, uses of social media, community engagement etc) And of course the influence that big society may well have in relation to the built environment, on design and construction but perhaps more so on facilities management.

I have started a be2camp group, simply as a discussion forum for big society thinking from a be2camp perspective, and who knows could lead to a be2camp event focused on big society thinking. 

It would be great to have examples of what innovations, products and projects fit into the big society debate. Lets try and keep them within the be2camp scope of thinking though. That is the theme of Web2.0 and social media within the context of the built environment, sustainability, resilience, collaborative working and community engagement.

One of the big, elephant in the room questions though still to be addressed is what is big society, what does this all mean?

A few leads may help:

Julion Dobsons blog Living with Rats

Big Society in the North network


The Big Society (Square Mile)

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