#PQQplus Observations Comments and Tips: No1 The Questions

I review a fair number of PQQ's for contractors and designers immediately prior to submission to their clients, this blog will share some of my observations, comments and tips for improving your bids. 

First up is the obvious one of answering the question, and answering all of the 'parts' of a question. Yes may be obvious but I would say that on every PQQ I see, frustratingly, at least one question (or significant part) hasn't been addressed.

Address the question with the response the PQQ is looking for, not what you want to talk about.

Use coloured highlighters to mark up the different aspects that a question may be seeking a response for and address appropriately.

Prior to submission get an independent person to review, within or outside of the organisation, to provide a critical assessment to ensure all questions have been answered.

In tough competitive times, maximising points and scores from each question is paramount. Leaving unanswered, incomplete, or poorly addressed is just throwing opportunity away 

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