#PQQPlus Tips No 4: Evidence – Telling the story

Evidence – anecdotal or compelling?

Look at the evidence you submit in your PQQ's, Bids Presentations and Interviews and ask the 'so what' question. If you were reading for the first time what would you think?  Is it anecdotal, could it have been written by anyone or is it unique to you. Are your project sheets the run of the mill nice pictures and flat descriptive text that most construction marketing departments have churned out over the years?

Make you evidence real, make it come alive and tell your story, talk about the who, the why, the how, the where as well as the what. Talk about the innovative approaches you used yes, but also what you learnt and now repeat as good practice.  

Make your project sheets tell the story of the project, make them come alive with maps, links to innovate web pages, links to your linkedin pages, staff profiles or facebook pages. 

Between bids, get an independent,(external or internal) health check and update your evidence, your stories and your project sheets ready for the next one to land.

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