The Great Transition: How it all turned out OK in 2050. (nef Report)

“This report, by the new economics foundation, sketches out how, in the light of the challenges we face both nationally and globally – consuming beyond our planetary limits, untenable inequality, growing economic instability, and a breakdown in the relationship between ‘more’ and ‘better – things could ‘turn out right’ by 2050 through the process of a ‘Great Transition’. 

Initially presenting the case for change, the report goes on to discuss some of the steps required for such a transition, including a Great Revaluing, Redistribution, Rebalancing, Localisation, Reskilling, Economic Irrigation, and Great Interdependence. 

It concludes with a discussion of two big challenges that need to be addressed before such a transition can be achieved, but also sets out steps that can be taken straight away to start the journey”

And the built environment features throughout the report in respect of how we recovered our lack of traditional skills, succeeded in addressing the localism issue and turned energy ineffective buildings into models of zero carbon. 

Download now or preview on posterous

Great_Transition_0.pdf (847 KB)

3 thoughts on “The Great Transition: How it all turned out OK in 2050. (nef Report)

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  3. Jeff

    Hi Fairsnape. Thanks for this post and the link to the report. I’m working on a project called Great Transition Stories ( and we’d like to use the tag cloud graphic that’s included in this post. What’s the rights status of the graphic? Is it Creative Commons and/or could we get permission to use it? Thank you!



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