Constructing Excellence Social Media Forum: Unlocking potential

Construction Excellence ran a Social Media forum on Wednesday with a view to understanding current use of social media within construction and what the industry, in particular, CE could or should do with social media.
Presentations from Paul Wilkinson, Jon de Sousa and Martin Brown provided context, examples and potential for social media within the built environment, including lessons from other sectors.
Pauls Presentation
Martins Presentation
These presentations were paced with useful and thoughtful discussion that covered the usual topics such as fear of information overload, trust of using and time.
However two main themes emerged: The need for guidelines for social media that enable its appropriate use, rather than control/prevent use. Learning from other sectors, we can implement social media strategies that will make individuals and the organisation comfortable with using social media for organisational good.
Construction boards, directors and other business leaders need to understand and unlock social media potential. As it is often being used across organisations without real understanding or strategy, leaders are not aware whether their reputation is being harmed or enhanced through social media mentions.
Boards are also all too often unaware of the vital business content (client, industry, leads, legislation, competitor) shared across social media applications. It is envisaged these will form the basis for further debate within an ongoing CE Social Media forum, and possible industry guidance
See also Pauls blog on the event here. Follow discussion on this topic via twitter using the #cesmf hashtag
** Coincidently the day before presenting to the forum, I penned my first blog for CSRWire Talkback, queued for publication on 7th April: Is your board all a-Twitter about sustainability? A Low Carbon Diet For Construction Boards – Using social media can help boards be better on sustainability Martin Brown says it should be, on Talkback.

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