Local Authorities, Green deal procurement, local supply chains and partnerships

DECC have issued Green Deal guidance for Local Authorities that suggests LA’s should champion the initiative to help drive economic growth, unlocking billions of pounds worth of investment, support local jobs and local supply chains

Potential benefits to local authorities are likely to be:
• new sources of revenue to deliver energy efficiency retrofits;
• help to reduce fuel bills for local residents and businesses;
• opportunities for local economic and physical regeneration;
• support for wider local strategic priorities (better health outcomes, reduced fuel poverty);
• support for the maintenance and generation of local jobs and skills.

To deliver the Green Deal locally there are broadly three approaches local authorities might choose to adopt:
• Provide – the Green Deal directly to their local residents and businesses, co-ordinating finance and delivery;
• Partner – work in partnership with commercial Green Deal providers and community  partners to deliver and facilitate delivery; or
• Promote – by acting as advocates for the Green Deal locally

The guidance suggests usisg existing partnerships  to deliver the Green Deal – it will be to see how existing frameworks could be adopted.

For those wanting to be involved in Green Deal installation work this is a key document for understanding the potential role of Local Authorities and a spring board for understanding individual client intentions.

Download a copy here 


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