Summary of Green Deal Consultation Responses

A Summary of Green Deal Consultation Responses collated via twitter:

The public consultation process for Green Deal closed last Wednesday with DECC reporting over 600 responses. It will be interesting how DECC make sense of all. A quick read through those made public via twitter (listed below) indicate:

  • A general agreement for the Green Deal process and benefits for industry.
  • Need for more clarity on funding mechanics and links to other initiatives
  • Concerns for SME’s
  • Concerns for generating demand
  • Little mention of timescale (although there is a call for delayed introduction for commercial sector)
  • More than one of the response listed below call for the introduction of a Green Deal Project Manager, to site along site the Provider, Funders and Installers.
  • SME’s in particular should prepare for Green Deal if they dont want to miss the boat.

Next step in the Green Deal run-up is the issue of PAS 2030, expected during January.

These responses indicate that Green Deal will happen, most likely in October, the orginal commencement date but that DECC have a lot of refining to do, in a very short time. In the meanwhile SME’s should start preparing for Green Deal.

Recommendations for preparation include:

  1. Understand your clients intentions – this will be your Green Deal workflow.
  2. Understand PAS2030 and skill levels required, without which you cannot deliver Green Deal any work.
  3. Look at your own organisation – is it a good example of being green, sustainable?
  4. Be visible – engage with events, get involved with green deal conversations across social media eg twitter, shout out about your preparation and achievements


Links to public responses: (if you know of any more please add in comments)

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