Green Deal Consortia Launches in Lancashire

The following is the press release from Industry Today ‘Green Deal’ service:

Wednesday 22nd February saw the launch of the Lancashire Construction Best Practice Club’s ‘Green Deal Consortia’ initiative supported by the FMB, fairsnape, DIEMltd, the NFB, SMPR (Simply Marcomms Ltd) and UCLan.

Over 40 organisations attended the breakfast launch at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston. The event saw the coming together of like minded individuals keen to learn more about the forthcoming Green Deal which is set to go live in October 2012.

This Lancashire initiative is thought to be the first of its kind in the country to support local companies in preparing for Green Deal

The ‘Green Deal’ scheme, the Governement’s CO2 flagship programme for addressing building performance, will tackle fuel poverty and improve the energy performance of British domestic and non domestic properties, creating a high number of new jobs and work opportunities for the construction industry.

Whilst there remain many uncertainties in the detail of the Government’s Green Deal initiative, however, there is high certainty that it will happen and it will change the way refurbishments are funded and carried out.

Those that intend to carry out measures that fall under the ‘Green Deal’ eg insulation and re-newable installations will need to work in accordance with the recently issued standard PAS 2030:2012 “Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings – specification for installation process, process management and service provision”.

As of October 2012, only accredited Green Deal contractors and installers (those that have achieved the PAS 2030 standard) will be eligible to carry out installations that fall under the Green Deal umbrella.

The Lancashire Green Deal Consortia members will be supported in understanding Green Deal, assisted in attaining PAS 2030, advised on improving green skills at operative and managerial levels, and importantly facilitated in forming consortia of organisations, who, through working together will be able to offer ‘whole house’ solutions and a far more robust Green Deal offering.

Those present and registering interest in the Consortia approach comprised of organisations such as Local Authorities, construction contractors, surveyors, electrical contractors, plumbing and heating firms alongside industry and educational bodies.

If you want to know more about how the Green Deal could affect your organisation or you would like to know more about becoming a member of the Lancashire Green Deal Consortia programme, contact Martin Brown, fairsnape, and chair of the Lancashire Construction Best Practice Club by emailing

You can also keep in touch with progress of the Green Deal Initiative along with other news from the Best Practice Club by following @lcbpc on twitter or on linkedin via the Lancashire Construction group.

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2 thoughts on “Green Deal Consortia Launches in Lancashire

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  2. Greg Barker

    This is how they treat their installers, this is from one of them.

    Help Required!!!
    Well after 4 years in Eco you would think you have seen the last of the con-men/con-woman!!
    Be aware Green Deal Consortia Ltd. Phyllis Prior Boardman, Tom Prior and Stuart Jackson.
    Asked us early July to deliver measures.
    They have still not paid us. After having a meeting yesterday they told us they have received all our money and spent it.
    After doing our investigation they have received all the monies early November. On the 15/11/17 Phyllis Boardman settled 5 debentures/personal guarantees (for personal gains) then on 21/11/17 resigned as a director (is this legal?)
    Her response was if you want to wind us up I now have no personally responsibility’s with greendeal consortia and you get nothing.
    Please can anyone let us know if this is legal what she has done and contact details for;
    1. The fraud team at Ofgem
    2. Senior eco management in Scottish Power
    3. Senior management in City Technical
    3. Trading standard (northwest)
    4. Good legal team to look into the white collar fraud she has committed.
    We have already contacted the local papers who are going to name and shame these people. Phyllis is also a director of IDEA (institute of domestic energy assessors). We would like to contact the other director and inform them what she has done.



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