Fairsnape nominated for international Green Blogger Award

As noted last month, I am delighted that this blog has once again been nominated for the international  JDR Green Blogger Award, with the voting  stage of the awards now open.

If you enjoy reading and find the content of this blog (and my associated tweets @fairsnape, @futurestorative @livingbldguk @constructco2 @celancashire and a few others … ) then please do take a few minutes and vote here.


Voting closes 24th April at 4pm PST with votes verified and limited to one vote per person per device. There are six categories once again and I wish all other nominees the best in securing votes!

  • Best Blogger: Architecture
  • Best Blogger: Construction Business
  • Best Blogger: Green Build (Fairsnape iSite nominated in this category)
  • Best Blogger: Remodelling
  • Best Blogger: Interior Design
  • Best Blogger: Microblog

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