No Music on a Dead Planet

A Spotify playlist for Zoom Regenerative?

When producing FutuREStorative a few years back, I included a music playlist that in some way, over the years had inspired my sustainability thinking. Pan forward to 2020 and alongside the emergent regenerative agenda there is a wonderful collection & collaboration of artists whose work and passion resonates with the zoom regenerative themes, particular on connectivity with nature and the need for a just climate, social and cultural future.

Music Declares Emergency is a group of artists, music industry professionals and organisations that stand together to declare a climate and ecological emergency and call for an immediate governmental response to protect all life on Earth. We believe in the power of music to promote the cultural change needed to create a better future.

Please do enjoy, be equally inspired by and subscribe to the Zoom Regenerative Spotify playlist

Listen to the regenerative work, lyrics and messages from the likes of Sam Lee, with his latest album Old Wow, to Karine Polwart on Rivers Run, Jenny Sturgeon’s musical interpretation of Nan Shepherd’s The Living Mountain and the lovely Spell Songs artists. (just how beautiful is the Blessing?) 

All wonderful inspiration and so much more than just background listening. And with a nod to Zoom regenerative I have included tracks titled Mycorrhiza/Tree of Life, Soil & Soul and Costa Rica. There is one track on the ZR playlist that was also on FutuREstorative – Where do the Children Play by Yusaf/Cat Stevens – re-released this year as 50 years, (yes 50) celebration of Tea for the Tillerman. (Check out the video)

What would you like to see on the regenerative playlist?

This article originally appeared on ZR Regenerators as an early / exclusive post

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