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New Building Regs Part L to ‘trigger’ Green Deal

Like many others the new Part L Building Regs will be on my reading list over the next few days. Others will surely comment in more depth than me, but I am interested in how the new proposals will trigger Green Deal.

Paragraph 85 is interesting.

Will this mean that Local Authorities will have the first option to trigger green deal works when a planning or building regs application is made? This could make LA’s one of the most important Green Deal Providers, a key client / flow of green deal work for installers, and a great opportunity for LA’s to act as Green Deal Assessors. (see my previous blog post on Local Authorities)

Also of note this refers to all buildings, not just domestic, opening the door for Green Deal within the commercial and public non domestic sector?

Interesting times.

Main Proposals to Existing Buildings:

85 …., and more significantly, we are proposing to extend the requirements  for ‘consequential improvements’. This is the term used to describe the use of the Building Regulations to trigger a requirement for extra energy efficiency works in a building where other controlled work is already taking place. The reason for proposing these changes now is to recognise the urgency of reducing emissions from the existing building stock, and, in a time of rising energy prices, to make homes and non-domestic buildings easier and cheaper to heat. It would also take advantage of a new market mechanism which has the potential to remove some of the existing barriers to action – the Green Deal.

Update: From DECC Green Deal Bulletin

DCLG yesterday launched their consultation on changes to the Building Regulations regime.  This includes a package of potential changes to support the Green Deal.  In summary, this includes new requirements for additional ‘consequential’ energy efficiency improvements where work (such as an extension or replacement windows or boilers) is already planned to an existing building and Green Deal funding is available as an option to meet the up-front costs.   Given DCLG estimate there are 200,000 extensions per year, 1.4 million boilers replacements and 1 million window replacements, this could be a significant demand driver for the Green Deal. 

In detail the proposals are:

  • From October 2012 (to coincide with the introduction of the Green Deal framework) DCLG are proposing that extensions and increases in habitable space (i.e. loft or integral garage conversions) in existing homes would trigger a requirement to carry out consequential energy efficiency improvements where these were technically, economically and functionally feasible.
  • From April 2014, the same requirement in existing non-domestic buildings would come into effect.
  • From April 2014 there is also the possibility of further regulation so that the replacement of a domestic boiler or the replacement of multiple domestic windows would also trigger a requirement for consequential improvements.  This would be restricted to a set list of lower cost measures (e.g. draught proofing or loft insulation).

If you wish to consider responding to the consultation,  the deadline for comments related to the Green Deal is 27 March 2012. Further information can be found on the DCLG website.