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wanted – intergrated construction manager –

A friend across in the US gave me the heads up on a job advert for an Integrated Construction Manager at Mortenson Construction .  What made me look twice at the job specification was the inclusion of all the themes and issues that we discuss today, as being the way forward, themes of virtual design, BIM, integrated management, collaboration and joined up thinking with facilities management. A sign of the times or a glimpse into the future of construction management?

Extracts from the spec:

  • The IC Manager is responsible for providing input and leadership to the design and/or virtual design and construction process.
  • Coordinates design team members and Preconstruction services (i.e. estimating, scheduling, project planning, constructability, site utilization, etc.).
  • manages the integrated delivery team’s resources
  • Oversees the preparation of models for facilities management.
  • Facilitator of project collaboration and integrated delivery activities

and basic responsibilities:

  • Oversees the production and management of 3D models
  • Establishes the scope of work for projects
  • Establishes the schedule and deliverables for integrated delivery services
  • Oversees construction coordination
  • Communicates model generated information to project team
  • Implements 3D technology during construction
  • Participates in the research and development of new technologies
  • Internal training
  • Develops project BIM models
  • Attends, participates and presents at conferences
  • Manages others
  • Business Development support
  • May lead the Operating Group Integrated Construction team
  • What is missing of course is the green sustainability theme, but then some would say that is taken for granted today, a given that an integrated construction manager would build green. (Discuss!)

    Tempted?  Seattle?  Very…