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Regenerative Playbook

We are thrilled to share news of the launch of our Regenerative Playbook on the 1st of March. The Playbook is aimed at those not yet initiated into the ways of regenerative thinking. It is designed as a first step in introducing regenerative thinking, bringing sustainability and environmental approaches alive with questions and challenges to shift thinking. In a good way.

With all its tactile richness across 28 pages, The Regenerative Playbook will be a mighty regenerative conversation starter in any organisation looking to do sustainability differently.

The Regenerative Playbook is brought to you by Martin Brown FRSA Fairsnape, Anna Williamson FRSA, Limewood Group and Joanna Watchman FRSA, Content Comms.

Further, we are honoured and delighted that the playbook includes a foreword from Josie Warden Head of Regenerative Design at the RSA which is doing so much good (and positive) work in this space.

We will launch the playbook at a Zoom Regenerative World Book Day special on Tuesday 1st March where you will find out how to read and get your copy. And, if you are interested in obtaining a copy please do let us know now in advance so that we can determine our first print run. 

Why not buy two copies and give one away as an act of reciprocity.

If you have seen the beautiful Anti-Greenwash Playbook that Content Commslaunched at COP26 then you will be aware of the ability that these small books have to open conversations. 

As our launch coincides with World Book Day – so please do check out the fantastic live reading events being held to encourage young readers

More information: Regen/ Notes 32 – read, like and subscribe

So, what have we done for nature?

Having listened to Tony Jupiter’s “What has nature done for us” podcast talk at the RSA over the weekend, my son Tom brought this simply brilliant animation to my attention – “what have we done to nature” …

MAN from Steve Cutts on Vimeo.


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