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“We think place is about space but in fact its about time” 

Rebecca Solnit: The Faraway Nearby

The most recent Regen/Notes explores Place …. and forever chemicals

Place in the vast scope of time 

Within the built environment we to often consider ‘place’ as the snap shot of the present, rarely considering all that has occurred in the past, in deep time, those geological, ecological and cultural events that shape the place we see today. Or indeed to consider how our short term plans have long term consequences in “the vast scope of time” … more

Forever Chemicals

It is fifty years since the first instalment of Silent Spring made its debut in The New Yorker. Those instalments went on to become the book that started the environmental movement in the 1970’s yet sadly remains too relevant and current.

The substances and pesticides that Rachel Carson talked about are today known as forever chemicals, in an odd recognition of their consequences though future time, yet with our continued use of them in everyday products. And in the case of construction through COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) as though we can can control their impact ‘for ever’. … more

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