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the sustainable way

I am delighted to be supporting the NW premier sustainability conference – The Sustainable Way – scheduled for October 29th – 30th . Details can be found on the event website with registration form, and some great influential key note speakers to be confirmed very shortly, but here are the salient features:

Ambition and aspiration

Sustainable design and construction are no longer quirky one off projects; clients and occupiers expect buildings to be both environmentally sound and cost effective, and there are further expectations on the industry to deliver Zero Carbon Homes linked to sustainable communities and the wider climate change agenda.

Innovation is a key driver of competitive advantage in construction.

The 2008 Sustainable Way conference will provide the platform to encourage the sector to work in collaboration, to help the industry develop and to implement a shared vision and strategy for innovation to create a healthy economic advantage through using sustainable methods rather than working against them.


Designing in sustainability; half day workshop 10am – 3pm 29th October

Site visits 3pm – 5pm optional

Join Rob Cowan (Urban Design Skills) probably Britain’s most experienced urban design trainer and other leading place makers including URBED and Carolyn Butterworth as they explore what makes a place sustainable. Examining current design and quality issues using the Elevate Design Handbook and local and national case studies.

Themes: International master planning, place making, design strategies, sustainability briefs, local distinctiveness.

Audience: Town planners, planning officers, architects, urban designers, master planners, landscape architects, regeneration professionals, community consultants.

Limit capacity please book early to avoid disappointment

29th October Evening event

Lancashire Best Practice Club

Debate the latest issues across sustainability at this sponsored event.

30th October Conference and exhibition 9.30am – 5pm

AM – key note speakers & panel discussion
PM – Seminars, workshop sessions & demonstrations

Listen to key debates across the sustainability sector. Visit workshops on important sector issues with leading figures from Bre, CABE, CIBSE, Catalyst, and more. Learn a new skill in the demonstration zone or upskill in the Networking zone. Visit suppliers and industry innovators in the exhibition areas.

Themes: Sustainable construction nationally & internationally; BSF sustainable schools, onsite waste management plans, ESCO’s & Feed In Tariffs, climate change, biodiversity, public realm, renewable technologies, construction legislation, natural building materials, regeneration, large scale housing refurbishment, heritage renovations, Transition towns.

Audience: Architects, urban designers, planners, housing associations, developers, contractors, local authorities, property consultants, house builders, young professionals, students, community groups.

Exhibition, Networking zone and Demonstrations – Free to college students, apprentices and trainees in the Northwest. Please email education@sustainableway.info for further details.

Think maybe over but thinking goes on

It was disappointing to read Phils blog post yesterday that the Think sustainability conference and exhibition is to be discontinued by CMP, but the reasons given do make sense.

Having visited both Think 07 and Think 08, I would say that Think 07 made an important contribution to built environment sustainability, shaping agendas and providing a forum for discussion and innovation.  I am afraid I cannot say the same for Think 08.   Was it as Phil suggests the lack of ‘names’ (07 had Al Gore on video link for example), or was it the all too corporate feel of 08?  (see 08 thoughts from 08)

It should be noted the sterling job Phil did with Think, and it is a pity lessons cannot be learnt to have a Think 09. But whilst Think may be over the thinking goes on.

One of the topics this raises is the face to face event versus the virtual on line event. I have blogged many times on this, arguing for a mixture, and making real event material available online at the same time, either through closed streaming or through public streaming into second life. There is always the cost (and now carbon travel debate) of attending real events if you are not in the host city.

Paul (fellow Be2camp unorganiser) also comments on this at EvolutionExtranet noting from  Sustainability Now (also organised by Phil ), that pure online events are not the perfect alternative either. (see my comments on sustainability now)

So are large national exhibitions and conference days numbered?  Logic would say yes, maybe being replaced by smaller, regional and local events.  But then the Green Build and Eco City mega conferences in the USA tend to suggest otherwise as they attract tens of thousands to the event with many thousand others tuning in online. One noticeable aspect of these is the live blogging, podcasting the open approach to have a myriad of blogging media partners across the globe. This use of Web2, allows dialogue into and out of the events months before and months after the actual physical event, making them much more of a web presence than an event.  There is even the opportunity to twitter questions live into panel debates.

Looking ahead to upcoming sustainability events I am involved with actually gives comfort that we will / have avoided the issues Think may have fallen into.


The idea for an ‘event’ to explore web2 approaches within the built environment came from attending other barcamp and pecha kucha events. These have a unique buzz and vibrancy lacking at corporate feel events.

Be2Camp to be held on October 10th (London) is being organised on unconference or BarCamp principles, with a very open approach to determining the agenda, the attendees decide!  The organisers based in three continents communicate through twitter, skype and blogs, again very open, allowing anyone to contribute. Consequently it has the feel of being very much a peoples event, and grows in spirit and scope as more join the planning.  It is planned to stream happenings out from the event onto the web and possibly a parallel event within second life.

Constructing the Sustainable Way

The Elevate East Lancs sustainability conference scheduled for October organised through Creative Concern. This has been referred to as the eco build or green build of the north, but is much much more than that. Yes it will have names, but will also be the celebration of the local sustainable stars competition that  has been running for months. Care has been taken to ensure that the workshops are practical, learning and sharing sessions, there will be second life link ups and open mic pecha kucha question time evening events planned.  Again it is shaping up to be a peoples event.

(The website for this event is scheduled to go live today I am told – so watch this space)