Another major customer announces green future plans

Following in the trend of Asda, M&S and the NHS, the John Lewis Partnership have announced plans for a green future for its energy and buildings. All future John Lewis and Waitrose stores will be based upon sustainable designs.
This will affect all aspects of new buildings and refurbishment projects, from design and planning through to construction and maintenance.

Stuart Hampson, chairman of John Lewis Partnership said via Sky News “The scale of construction work now in prospect presents a tremendous opportunity for us to develop and implement new standards to minimise our impact on the environment and on the communities of which our shops are a part.”

We are seeing trend of customers to green their built environment performance. However, following on from the Stern Report and Constructing Excellences briefing on the Stern Review, this will place even more pressure on our industry to develop its skills knowledge and understanding : there are far too few people out there with the right skills and knowledge at the moment. It will also be of interest how this ‘greening’ drops down the supply chains.

Click here for more information on the Stern Report and CE Briefing

This makes the Elevate Carbon Challenge all the more important as we prepare for a green future.

The Lancashire Best Practice Club event in April will address sustainability issues. Check out the Events Page for more information.

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