Chocolate Teapots that might hold Water?

I have referred to carbon offsetting as chocolate teapots in other posts. It is interesting that the vast majority of spam this blog attracts (and is successfully filtered away by wordpress) are offers to offset my personal and business carbons.

(For just £200 a year you can offset your families carbon footprint, another £30 for the car and £104 for that family holiday flight last year. Hmmmm seems like a bargain !)

But now – we can offset water usage through irrigation offsets. It seems the growing trend in offsetting would allow any business to offset all the water used and wasted by supporting irrigation projects around the world. This is good in that it raises awareness in water usage, but surely better to switch to less water consuming technologies and lifestyles (so called low-flow).

For example, waterless urinals in an office can save up to 17,000 gallons of water a year. Whereas one manufacturer claimed in Grist that a waterless urinal may save up to 40,000 gallons per year in a high use airport building.

The debate on offsetting will continue – as has been commented before by others, carbon offsetting has nothing to do with sustainability – but maybe irrigation offsetting needs closer attention?.

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