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Will Tesla solar roof tiles be an industry game changer?

Elon Musk in a quest to make solar as attractive as electric vehicles may have leap-frogged many solar building innovations and prototypes in revealing a range of solar tiles (to be in mass production soon) at a show case event at … Continue reading

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What can social media offer in support of Construction Innovation, Information, Process and Management?

Today’s construction and built environment sector faces exciting but immense cultural, societal and technological changes. This is evidenced through a myriad of issues; a rapid escalation in the need for improved sustainability; better information management and advanced construction techniques; to … Continue reading

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A TQM for the social media, digital age?

I see Harvard University are initiating a Digital Problem Solving programme for the digital age. The Digital Problem-Solving Initiative (DPSI) at Harvard University is an innovative and collaborative project piloted in Fall 2013 that brings together interested students, faculty, fellows, … Continue reading

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#tweetchats … observations + how to

What is a tweetchat? In my view: a global online brainstorm: a fast paced collection of expert opinion, links, references, questioning, learning but above all sharing around the theme of the chat. “A tweet chat is a pre-arranged chat that happens on … Continue reading

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Three reasons to give your PQQ and Bids an independent Health Check

  One: Many PQQ’s and Bids ‘deselect’ themselves through errors and omissions. It is obviously far better for errors, omissions, questions not (fully) answered or formatting issues to be picked up by independent review rather than your client. Don’t throw … Continue reading

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Counting construction carbons with ConstructCO2

This blog has reported on numerous occasions (eg here and here) on the need to measure and improve carbon emissions from construction activities separately from that of the building itself or the facility in use. And the need for an … Continue reading

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passivhaus innovation circle

The next Innovation Circle Session on ‘Passivhaus’ will look at the possible influencing factors of implementing the Passivhaus principles in the UK.  Friday 20th March 1-3pm at the Adelphi Conference Room, Adelphi Building, UCLan.      Led by Sabine Engelhardt – Green Cities, … Continue reading

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