Not Using KPI’s Yet?

Constructing Excellence plan to start an on-line KPI initiative next month that will give organisations an annual endorsement mark to show they are using industry KPIs. It will be known as KPI Mark

Reported in Contract Journal:

CE stressed that although the scoring system was not a form of accreditation, it said clients could use the scheme as a method of pre-qualification.

“It is an ambition that clients will ask firms for their mark,” said CE consultant Martin Print. “Longer term, I can see this happening as clients are now requiring firms to demonstrate their performance.”

CE director Peter Cunningham agreed and said local authorities were already in discussions with CE about adopting its KPI

Constructing Excellence KPI’s have been in existence for many years now – following the issue of the Egan Report Rethinking Construction, giving ample opportunity for organisations to monitor and benchmark performance against industry over time.

More details on the KPI’s can be found on the KPI Zone at Constructing Excellence.

In addition local support for using KPI’s is available through fairsnape and others within the Lancashire Best Practice Club – see steering group profiles

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