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Building Industry driving toxic Chlorine and PVC production.

This is why we have Red Lists and transparency programmes such as Declare and material verification schemes such as EPD, REACH, Cradle to Cradle etc … All people and the planet thrive when the environment is free of toxic chemicals … Continue reading

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Understanding the Social Value Act for better bids …

The Social Value Act 2012 was established in part to help understand the difference between a contracts cost and a contracts value and to encourage greater collaboration between voluntary, community and private sectors. Bid responses for public sector work can be … Continue reading

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JUST: a social justice label for construction …

Taking built environment sustainability deeper into the responsibility agenda, the International Living Future Institute are launching (Oct 2013) a new and important transparency initiative for the built environment to sit along side the Living Building Challenge and Declare. Just will … Continue reading

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Construction Localism – how do you compare against benchmark?

Construction ‘localism’ is currently high on the agenda. And set to grow in importance. There is, rightly, much talk and focus on localism within construction projects and frameworks at the moment, based on the principle of keeping project spend local. … Continue reading

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PQQ Secrets: Listening to the voice of the customer

For PQQ responses to have chance of success they need to address the requirements and aspirations of the client and project. They also need to differentiate from the competition. So when a client organisation presents on how to differentiate at … Continue reading

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Construction supply chain footprints

Our construction carbon tool, Constructco2, through its ability to monitor a projects supply footprint is throwing up some interesting issues: Take a look at a project footprint that has a focus on localism – ie in keeping material, supplier, management and … Continue reading

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Blink: the importance for bid interviews and presentations

Currently re-reading Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking in advance of a bidding interview and presentation workshop for contractors tomorrow(*) According to Malcolm Gladwell,  decision and impressions may occur much faster than previously thought – think instantaneously or in two … Continue reading

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