Low-Carbon Building Accelerator

Noticed this on the Carbon Trust website recently:

The Low-Carbon Building Accelerator seeks to demonstrate that major refurbishments of non-residential buildings can be completed in both a low-carbon and a cost-effective manner. It involves the Carbon Trust’s specialist consultants working with a range of building projects in the retail, hospitality, government and education sectors. The specialist consultants are working with developers and their advisors, providing input on how to ensure that refurbishment projects are carried out in a way that minimises the carbon emissions from the building. Case studies backed up by robust data will be published at the end of each project

 It will be interesting to review the case studies on this one, but it is significant the Carbon Trust has identified building as one of …

…those technologies that offer the greatest UK carbon saving potential in the short to medium term and also where the Carbon Trust investments can be material in bringing forward these technologies.

Dr David Vincent, Technology Director of the Carbon Trust, explains, “The assessment enables the Carbon Trust to focus its resources effectively. By targeting those technologies which offer high carbon savings potential and where our resources can be material, we can take the lead on low carbon technologies innovation in the UK.”



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