Innovation – Shaping Tomorrow

Key to innovating within the built environment is our understanding of the future, future trends and impacts.

Shaping Tomorrow can be described as a futures portal that helps people and organisations better anticipate and respond to change.

Yours truly is a built environment researcher for Shaping Tomorrow, contact me for further information

Shaping Tomorrow offers the following free and subscription based services.

Free service (registration required):
Foresight; discover the future and receive our weekly news briefing

Subscription-based services:

Insights; uncover what is changing in business, economics, the environment, healthcare, industry, lifestyles, politics, society and technology.

Trends; understand impacts on you through our global analysis of 2,596 trends, uncertainties and wild cards.

My Analysis; create your own private trends analysis and personal perspective.

Plan & Act; use strategic thinking, scenario planning, modelling and change management frameworks to determine your market response.

Challenge Thinking; influence through research, surveys, education, facilitation and communication.

Why wait to react too late to a crisis or miss the boat? Sign up now and join the 10,879 members and organisations in shaping tomorrow.

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