Green Lessons for New Schools (BSF Update)

Mile Barter, communications at Lancs BSF, has sent in the following update:

Pupils from Burnley are using the building of their new school to learn about the environment – and to encourage action to stop global warming.  The 11 and 12-year-olds from Shuttleworth College, on Kiddrow Lane, have set up a sustainability project as part of their science learning.  They are researching the school’s carbon footprint and finding ways of reducing energy consumption .
Shuttleworth College moves to a new site on Burnley Road, in Padiham, in September 2008 as part of Lancashire County Council’s £250 million Building Schools for the Future programme. Construction is well under way.  Students will learn about, and make, bio-fuel. They will find out about the environmentally friendly design elements of the new school – like windmills and utilising rain water.

The project is a pilot which will be rolled out across the whole school. Science teacher Duncan Norris said: “The school building is giving these students a brilliant opportunity to learn about environmentally friendly technologies and design. We are grateful to the developers for their help with this. We are at the forefront of green development and it is something young people feel very strongly about.”

The pupils agree. Danielle Hays said: “I think it’s a good idea because we are cutting down on pollution” Heather Clements and Megan Rowe said: “We think that this project is one of our greatest achievements at Shuttleworth College. Making renewable fuel is a challenge that we can overcome with some hard work.” Hayley Haslam said: “I think that it’s a good idea to help everyone around us including the environment”  Rebecca Parnell said: “I think that this is very interesting and I think it’s a very good idea to help the environment. If more people learn to turn the electricity off when they need to then the environment will be a lot better” Louis Sutcliff said: “It’s fun and educational at the same time were doing something good for the world”  Christiana Ponguru and Sophie Rawson said: “We are finding this project fun and exciting. We think it’s a very good idea about what we are doing and plus it helps the environment. Our new school is going to be a great place as we are trying our best to stop global warming and pollution”

Simon Whitaker, the technical bid manager for Catalyst Lend Lease, the developers of the new school, said: “It’s great to see these pupils learning about the importance of sustainability. “Our goal is to make all our schools as energy efficient as possible with many new features and renewable energy solutions that will reduce running costs as well as carbon emissions.”

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