unacceptable project management style?

Built to order

“my philosophy is to treat everybody in this industry as a crook, a cheat or a liar. Don’t trust anybody.”

This was the subheading for The Guardian’s Working Life article on Saturday.

Built to order profiled one of Banner Homes ‘specialist’ project managers, who wears a number one on his hard hat as “it winds some of them up”

It is a reminder that the shout and order, adversarial and aggressive approach to construction project management still exists. But in an environment of collaborative working, integrated working and building trust does this approach have a place in our industry today?

Even Banner Homes on their website do not think so, recognising on their customer care page

…that continued success comes not only from the expertise of the team itself, but from the importance it places on the relationships it has with contractors …

As a CE collaborative working champion and some one very much involved in the progress towards a collaborative, trust based sector, it saddens me to read articles like this.

I would urge readers of this to write to the Guardian (and even Banner Homes) pointing out the totally unrepresentative nature of this site manager, and lets hope the Guardian can balance this article with a profile that is representative of today’s progressive collaborative industry.

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