open source sustainability

I am becoming more and more aware of and convinced of the role that open source approaches and concepts can have in our built environment.  Based on the open source approach to IT, we are starting to see open source architecture…education …and sustainability.  In addition I see benchmark and best practice clubs transforming themselves into innovation circles or networks.  (Perhaps the next generation of Construction Best Practice Clubs??)
In essence, to me it means collaboratively working together to address sustainability issues, focusing effort on what matters,  promoting access to the design and production of goods and knowledge, rather than everyone focusing on their own thing, duplicating effort, be it a product, strategy or service.

Competitiveness arises from starting at a more mature level.

What is open source, one of the best definitions comes from, Open Eco Source  a web base tool, which ‘will help speed up the distribution of available knowledge and connect efforts that aim to create a sustainable environment’

The three rules for open source are: nobody owns it, everybody uses it, and everybody can improve it. … The open source web-base tools are fantastically powerful and the fastest collaborative media we have to shape our future.

or the wiki definition:

Open source is a set of principles and practices that promote access to the design and production of goods and knowledge.

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