Local council leading the way with green technology …

Interesting link and article over at edie.

Also worth following the link there to powerperfector , a voltage optimiser device supplier, which contains, amongst others the following ‘testimonial’:

Energy Manager Wigan MBC Legal and Property Services

‘We have recently installed two powerPerfector’s (a 420 kva and a 280 kva), at our Market Hall in Wigan. The results are staggering, for a 9% reduction in voltage we are experiencing 16% savings in consumption. This amounts to £30,632 p/a (based on 9.074p/kW), with a 14 month payback on investment, figures have been verified on a daily basis utilising half hourly automatic meter readings, so we are satisfied that they are correct. This also means that we are on line to save over 141 tonnes of carbon by the use of the powerPerfector units.

A quick scan of powerperfectors site indicates SME’s may be able to get loans or fundings from the Carbon Trust

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