Second Life – the space between real worlds?

I (or my Avatar) took a look around the Second Life exhibition that illustrates what architects and designers are doing within second life.

Fascinating stuff.

The exhibition, called Portal The Space Between Real and the Other Real, opened within second life yesterday and runs until Nov 4th. Organised by Odyssey and introduced as:

In the past, architects and designers have used the virtual world as a workspace in which to experiment and develop prototypes for real world projects. In recent years we’ve seen the growth of networked 3D environments in which users socialise, play games, establish businesses and even fall in love. With millions of registered users of these environments worldwide, the Virtual World is no longer simply the sweatshop for the Real World; it’s fast becoming the Other Real World.

This exhibition is a portal to the virtual architectures of Second Life, a 3D online community where people can fly, and the laws of physics generally don’t apply. While a virtual building doesn’t provide much in the way of shelter, it still functions as a stage for interaction and an effective way to signify identity. As a consequence, there are plenty of fantasy palaces and Barbie mansions in Second Life, but there are also other sites where architects have been able to rethink the possibilities of human interaction with the built environment.”

This is a good opportunity for exploring design and the built environment within second life.

If you can handle SLurls (Second Life urls) the location is here

If you would like a guided tour to this event, and other areas in second life, contact my avatar Brand Woodin, who would be happy to meet you, within Second Life, and help with getting around and other aspects of this ‘other real world’

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