coming soon … site waste management plans

With under three months to go before SWMP become mandatory on projects over £250,000, I was amazed to read the results of a survey, conducted last year by NetRegs suggesting that the construction industry is sleep walking into the legislation with two thirds of respondents (66%) saying they didn’t know what an SWMP is and 63% were not aware that SWMPs could soon become a legal requirement.

SWMP are also a requirement of the Code for Sustainable Housing as a minimum requirement from Level One upwards.

At, fairsnape we have developed a basic and easy SWMP format that uses the project programme as the basis for addressing waste management thats goes a good way to meeting the legislation requirements … more

For more information Envirowise is running a series of events across the country and has much good advise on their website.

I note from the Envirowise documents that the typical cost of a skip is £1300 (when labour and materials are costed) and some 13% of materials deleivered to sites leave via the skips.  Ouch

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