Manage best in class innovation – free webcast

Learning from and sharing with other sectors is important to overall improvement. Colleagues at the Benchmarking Institute have highlighted the following Managing Best in Class Innovation web cast scheduled for Jan 24th , hosted through the Automotive News, but the overview is important to all sectors, including the built environment:

Innovation is important for all businesses and especially vital for those in the manufacturing industry. Successful businesses do not just conceive ideas, they empower their people with the right technology and resources to develop, refine and convert those concepts into opportunities. Join Automotive News for a complimentary webinar presented by Microsoft. This discussion will expose how today’s innovators are:

# Leveraging social networking and enterprise search to enhance the innovation process

# Instilling structure and process to minimize the ad-hoc nature of innovation

# Leveraging rich collaboration and communication technologies to connect internal communities as well as external partners and customers

# Empowering people to contribute and discover new ideas

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