Eco Build 2008 – not online … ?

I have recently registered to visit Eco Build in London at the end of the month. Billed as Europe’s biggest event dedicated to sustainable design, construction and the built environment.

It is disappointing to note that there appears to be no webcast or webinars or any web broadcasting of the presentations or events.  20,000 people are expected – all making fossil fuel based journeys to attend.  Lets have some web based sharing to spread the messages from Eco Build wider and reduce travel miles.  Events such as this should be sustainable themselves.

A call to the Eco Build organisers to comment …

4 thoughts on “Eco Build 2008 – not online … ?

  1. Mark Brinkley

    The economic rationale of events is to get bodies through the door, so anything (like webcasting) which works to stop this flow is counter productive. My guess is that you’ll wait in vain for a reply from the organisers, but your query is nevertheless well made.


  2. fairsnape Post author

    Mark – you are right with your rationale and guess.

    I use the USGBC Greenbuild Conference last year as bit of a benchmark for all of this – where some 7,000 people apparently watched the key note speeches on line – live. (me being one of them)

    It does make you question where the real motivation is in events like this – to spread the eco build message as wide as possible, or to maximise income and hence profit.

    Now which greenwash sin is that ….


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