Green build goes big in San Jose

Over 13000 delegates, 100 speakers and 380 exhibitors are expected at West Coast Green, the world’s largest residential green building conference, in San José this September.

The event, that will be a green zero-waste conference, will also include live blogging, live broadcasting and plenty of pre-conference previews and profiles through the online San Fransisco Chronicle.

From the West Coast Green site:

We live in an exciting time in the green and healthy building movement.  At no other time in history has the profound effect of the built environment gained so much public prominence. Now its time to discover what is emerging, envision the future and take the next bold steps.

isite has highlighted the green build movement in the USA many times, attempting to draw comparisons and lessons for the UK built environment sustainability agendas, and will follow the build up to this one and hopefully relay live blogs and webcasts during the event itself to UK isite readers.

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