eco towns in the news

Hard to find articles or comments in the press in favour of Eco Towns. The following are typical of comments:

Ecotowns are the greatest try-on in the history of property speculation

… never was any cause so corrupted by architectural fantasy and contractor greed as the postwar new town movement…

Are green neighbourhoods achievable?

Now that’s my kinda town

Enviro-watchers everywhere will be biting their nails with suspense now that a shortlist has been announced for 10 British ‘ecotowns‘, which are due to be built before 2020

‘Eco towns’: the wrong answer to the over-population question

It’s the oldest trick in the dodgy salesman’s book. If the public isn’t buying what’s in store, simply rebrand unwanted goods with trendy labels designed to create an impression of must-have merchandise.


Unless the inhabitants of the 15 proposed “eco towns” selected by the Government yesterday are to be wafted to work on magic carpets and take their holidays on bicycles without crossing the Channel, the reality is that these settlements are going to add to the country’s demand for energy, its greenhouse gas emissions and its use of water.

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