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Reactions to Tesco pulling out of eco towns

I havent posted on the developments within eco towns recently, but with the decision being delayed until early 2009 and Tescos pulling out there is plenty of comment on media sites and blogs: for example:

Tesco’s decision ‘is good for democracy’
Cambridge Evening News – Cambridge,England,UK
Cllr David Bard, SCDC portfolio holder for new communities, said: “I congratulate Tesco on the decision to withdraw from the eco-towns process following our

Tesco deals blow to eco-towns with exit from scheme
Financial Times – London,England,UK
By Jean Eaglesham Gordon Brown’s eco-towns project suffered another setback yesterday, after Tesco pulled the plug on one of the most high-profile projects.

Property crash opens door to the new council house
Times Online – UK
The news came as Mr Brown’s plan for eco-towns unravelled further when Tesco became the latest developer to withdraw its bid.

Tesco pulls out of eco-towns project
Times Online – UK
Gordon Brown’s plan for eco-towns was unravelling last night, with Tesco withdrawing from one of the proposed greenfield developments.

ELSENHAM: LibDem spokesman to visit “eco Town” site
Harlow & Bishop’s Stortford The Citizen – Harlow,UK
meeting up with Nick Clegg in Chelmsford at the Central Baptist Church, on October 9 with councillors Morson and Dean to talk with him about Ecotowns.”

Tesco withdraws Cambridgeshire eco-town
24dash – Hereford,UK
All the Cambridgeshire local authorities, local MPs, and Cambridgeshire Horizons have objected to Hanley Grange being on the eco-towns list, as have local
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Ecotowns: another one bites the dust
Financial Times – London,England,UK
Newsflash: I’ve just been told that Tesco is withdrawing plans for an ecotown at Hanley Grange, near Cambridge. We ran the story last week that the wheels
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Another eco-town bites the dust
Telegraph.co.uk – United Kingdom
By Tom Peterkin Campaigners against eco-towns are celebrating after Tesco abandoned its plans to create one of Gordon Brown’s controversial green

Tesco withdraws bid for Cambridge eco-town

Building.co.uk – UK
By Joey Gardiner Supermarket Tesco has withdrawn its bid to build one of the Gordon Brown’s eco-towns on the Hanley Grange site near Cambridge.

Eco-town shortlist put back
Evesham Journal – UK
Chris Atkinson, a spokesman for DCLG, confirmed: “The final decision on the potential locations for eco towns will be made in early 2009, after which each


Tesco deals blow to eco-towns scheme
By admin
Tesco deals blow to eco-towns scheme The supermarket chain withdrew its proposed development at Hanley Grange, near Cambridge, from the government project and issued a statement acknowledging local opposition.

Tesco deals blow to eco-towns scheme
August 28 2008 22:59 Gordon Browns eco-towns project suffered another setback on Thursday, after Tesco pulled the plug on one of the most high-profile projects. The supermarket chain withdrew …

Is the eco-town coalition collapsing?
But it’s hard not to regard their actions as a sign that confidence in eco-towns is dwindling. After all, as this Government’s stock falls, and as further questions about the towns’ “green” credentials emerge, it’s no longer good PR

Eco-town plans progress
By admin
Progress continues to be made in planning proposals for the eco-towns project, it has been revealed. In a report by the Eco-Town Challenge Panel – which was created by housing minister Caroline Flint – it was reported that many of the

UK: Tesco drops Eco-town plan
By BreakingNews.ie / TCM
Supermarket giant Tesco announced today that it was dropping its bid to build one of the proposed eco-towns in the United Kingdom.

Eco Town consultation

Built enviro related news from the SD Research Network

LG Consultation – ‘Eco-towns: Living a greener future’
The Department for Communities and Local Government is seeking public opinion on their vision for eco-towns, seen as the answer to both the challenges of climate change and the rising demand for affordable housing as more people are living longer and living alone. Eco-towns intend to exemplify genuinely sustainable living, consisting of zero-carbon developments that combine affordable housing, environmental sensitivity and outstanding quality. This consultation document outlines fifteen potential eco-town locations, shortlisted for their creative and practical design, and seeks feedback concerning: the way in which the eco-towns concept is being developed and the different potential benefits that an eco-town can offer; how particular features such as green space or innovative approaches to housing can best be developed in an eco-town; and preliminary views on the 15 locations going forward for further assessment. Responses are invited until 30th June 2008. More…

isite radar for april 08

On my radar today:

Low carbon uk

– a New Scientist / Arup online discussion forum

Your computer chip could warm your home

– a medium size data center could heat 70 homes

Ecotowns are not the answer to climate change or housing needs

Reducing the carbon footprint of the existing built environment must take priority. The government must focus its climate-change agenda on Britain’s cities precisely because they are the most prolific polluters. This should be a Guardian response against Simon Jenkins article crticising eco-homes – can no one be found to defend Eco Homes?

Companies will have to tell all on carbon emissions

All quoted companies will be forced to detail carbon emissions in their annual reports after the Government caved in to backbench pressure. What will this mean for construction and facilities management organisations?

Don’t blame the equipment

Can lessons be learned about training needs from the fiasco of Terminal 5’s opening?…the sophistication of the baggage-handling system – described by BAA as one of the most advanced in the world – surely emphasises messages about the importance of human capital.

eco towns in the news

Hard to find articles or comments in the press in favour of Eco Towns. The following are typical of comments:

Ecotowns are the greatest try-on in the history of property speculation

… never was any cause so corrupted by architectural fantasy and contractor greed as the postwar new town movement…

Are green neighbourhoods achievable?

Now that’s my kinda town

Enviro-watchers everywhere will be biting their nails with suspense now that a shortlist has been announced for 10 British ‘ecotowns‘, which are due to be built before 2020

‘Eco towns’: the wrong answer to the over-population question

It’s the oldest trick in the dodgy salesman’s book. If the public isn’t buying what’s in store, simply rebrand unwanted goods with trendy labels designed to create an impression of must-have merchandise.


Unless the inhabitants of the 15 proposed “eco towns” selected by the Government yesterday are to be wafted to work on magic carpets and take their holidays on bicycles without crossing the Channel, the reality is that these settlements are going to add to the country’s demand for energy, its greenhouse gas emissions and its use of water.

EcoCity 2008

A wealth of information relating to urban and city futures is to be found through the EcoCity2008 conference web site and media blogs, including interviews and podcasts through the Tomorrow Matters internet radio.

With a strap line of Get Ready to change the world… Ecocity World Summit 2008 will bring together the key innovators, decision makers, technologists, businesses and organizations shaping the conversation around ecological and sustainable city, town and village design, planning and development. We intend to put these issues on the economic and environmental agenda for 2008 and beyond.

Hoping to follow EcoCity2008 streams and on line content through this blog.

Just how the UK Eco Towns and Eco Villages (and even Transition Town) concepts compare to international approaches will be of interest.